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18 contiguous quarter ranch package in the RM of Reno #051

18 contiguous quarter ranch package in the RM of Reno #051

This ranch package including 17 quarters of deeded land and 1 quarter of leased land is an amazing contiguous block!

There is an abundance of water on this property with a large freshwater slough and several dugouts. This land has always had lots of water, even in the driest years.

This land has been professionally managed and maintained. They run between 130 to 170 pairs on the land for 160-200 days, depending on rainfall.

Three sides of the fence are adjoining PFRA land and are in excellent condition, the fourth side along the road is in good condition. The land is cross fenced allowing for ease of moving cattle from one pasture to the next.

SAMA rates the topography of the land “level to nearly level and gentle slopes” and the Stone Rating as “none to few”.

There is good all-season road access to the land.

There is some oil revenue being generated by the land.

2,717.94 Total Acres (ISC), 2,077 Cultivated Acres (SAMA), 574 Native Grass Acres (SAMA), 62 Waste Acres (SAMA), $1,838,900 Farmland Only Assessed Value (SAMA), $1,067 Per Total Acre (ISC), $1,396 Per Cultivated Acre (SAMA), 1.6 times the Assessed Value, Crop Insurance Soil rating is M.
18 contiguous quarter ranch package in the RM of Reno #051

Property Details

MLS: SK949027

Area: RM of Reno #051

Type of Property: Ranch/Pasture

Total Size: 2,717.94 (as per ISC)

Total Asking Price: $2,900,000

Check out the drone video below to access amazing footage of the entire property at a bird’s eye view!

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