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Early Winter Weather Stalls Harvest

Heavy Rains and Frost Comes Early in 2018!

While harvest is actually ahead of the 5-year average, early winter weather has harvest stalled across much of the province this week. 62% of the crop is in the bin according to the Saskatchewan Crop Report, while the 2013-2017 average is only 53% for this same time period.

Rain and/or snow made a presence across most of the province. Over 30 mm of rain was recorded in some places and snow fell across the northwest region.


Winter wheat, fall rye, lentils, and peas are nearly complete, while others are not even close. Only 25% of the flax and 44% of the canola is in the bin.

“Harvest is most advanced in the southwest region, where 86 per cent of the crop is now combined. The southeast region has 84 per cent combined, the west-central 57 per cent and the east-central region 55 per cent. The northeast region has 29 per cent combined while the northwest region has 17 per cent combined.”

Click here to read the complete Saskatchewan Crop Report for September 11-17, 2018.

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