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Modern Technology is Changing Life on the Farm

Modern Technology on the Farm

Many people may think of high tech products as a part of urban living. However, the farm is often where some of the coolest modern technology is born!

Autonomous machinery and drones are coming to the farm. There are also multiple other advances in systems and technology.

Norbert Beaujot is the president and founder of Seed Master. Here is a picture of him with one of his autonomous machines from a summer Ag in Motion trade show.

modern technology

Watch this video to see some of these amazing autonomous machines in action!

The Saskatoon Star Phoenix recently published an article about how one tech firm is working to boost farmers profits. “Intelliconn Communications Solutions Inc. plans to roll out its new grain measurement technology this year, which its founder says could save farmers thousands of dollars each year.”

Click here for the full article.

Advances in farming technology are changing life on the farm. They are definitely making some things much easier. They also come with a whole new range of challenges that we have yet to discover and face.

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