Pasture Values Rising!

Live cattle prices hit a record high in September of 2023!! Prices today are not too far off that peak. Over the past few year’s ranchers have dealt with low cattle prices, high feed costs and drought. Everything cycles and it is finally their turn to make some money! Record high cattle prices and lower feed costs will undoubtedly make cattle producers more profitable in 2024.
If you have been reading my reports you will remember that last two years I have said that pasture land and hay land was undervalued and once cattle prices start to rise we should see a rise in pastureland and hay land values. This is happening now!

The FCC Farmland Values report stated that pastureland went up an average of 12.7% across Saskatchewan last year. We saw the highest gains in the East Central region which gained 25.7% during 2023. The highest value recorded in the province was recorded in the West Central area where values were from $500 to a whopping $2100 per acre!!! ($2100 at 160 acres is $336,000 per quarter!)

Undoubtedly pastureland values will continue to rise in 2024 with cattle prices being strong. Moisture will undoubtedly play a major role in this as well, the recent province wide heavy snowfall will help.

With profitability in ranching comes increased interest in pastureland. This increased interest has been slow, as it takes a while for profits to make its way to the cattle producers. But the increased interest has started and I feel it will build if cattle prices remain high.

If you have pastureland that you are thinking of selling, call us today to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity to sell your land when cattle prices are at record high levels! Selling your land/business when profitability is at a peak is one of the smartest decisions you can make.

Click the link below for the Farmland Values Report 2023:
FCC Video Farmland Report:

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