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Entrepreneurs Panel at the Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum

Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum Invites Entrepreneurs to Panel Discussion

Ted often speaks about being an entrepreneur. This Tuesday, he spoke on a panel discussion at the Saskatchewan Real Estate Forum with several other local entrepreneurs.

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Their discussions focused on trends, technology, and lessons learned. Some of the questions posed to the panelists were:

What is the #1 emerging trend you’ve seen (or feel is coming) in your business that can be taken advantage of?  Why?

How are you and your clients innovating in today’s market? How far ‘out of the box’ will you go to succeed?

What new technology has made a major difference (or could) in the way you do business? Why?

How have you balanced risk with reward in order to succeed?

Has the political landscape affected your business recently? What is your ideal role for government (all levels) in support of entrepreneurs?

What is the one piece of sage advice you’d offer to new  entrepreneurs? Why?

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