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Saskatchewan Farm Land Outlook 2023

Saskatchewan Farm Land Outlook 2023

The year 2023 has started out with another interest rate hike, rising input costs, and a softening of grain prices.

The year 2023 has also started out with a very low number of farm land listings coinciding with record high profitability in many areas (not all areas).

Most areas have exponentially more Buyers than Sellers, which is creating a tremendous demand for farmland. Most of our listings are setting record high prices for the area that are situated in.

The billion dollar question is….what does tomorrow bring? The truthful answer is “only time will tell”.

We continue to encourage farm sellers who are interested in capitalizing on record high farmland prices to call us today! Although the market is a Sellers’ market today that could change with further interest rate hikes, further downward pressure on commodity prices, an increase of the number of farmland listings, changes to Sask Crop Insurance premiums, or a poor crop in 2023. Many areas had the most profitable crop in many years, and you always want to sell your farm when it is most profitable. Although we don’t know what tomorrow looks like we know it is a great time to sell today!

Saskatchewan Farm Land Outlook 2023


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