Dance lessons for the Saskatchewan Farmer

Dance Lessons for Saskatchewan Farmer


As a Saskatchewan Farmer do you struggle to find time for physical fitness?

Saskatchewan Farmers hang onto your GWG’s! There is a farmer South of the border with moves that will cream butter!

If you have ever struggled with long stiff days seated on your tractor. You will appreciate the ingenuity of this farmer sneaking a little cardio exercise into his day. Barn dancing is the new Farmer cardio! Jay Lavery posted this video of himself from his upstate New York sheep/goat farm last year and it has gone viral. According to this loose-hipped farmer, dancing helps ease his back pain from an old back injury.

He likes to play music in the barn because during the winter when it is snowing it freezes to his barn’s tin roof causing loud noises that frighten the animals. The music helps break up the noise and soothe the animals.

Watch the video and you will see what we mean. Every time I see this video, I smile. I think the goats are smiling as well!

I dare you to show us your Saskatchewan Farmer style Barn Dance.