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Saskatchewan Crop Report Weekly Updates

Oh what a difference a few weeks makes! On May 1st, the Saskatchewan Crop Report indicated 1% of the provincial crop had been seeded. By May 15th, the report stated that 30% was complete.

The southeast is still leading the province in seeding with 60% complete in that region, only half way through May.

Early seeding of legumes is well underway while many are still harvesting crops left out from last year. “Fifty-two per cent of the chickpeas, 50 per cent of the field peas, 49 per cent of the lentils, 42 per cent of the mustard, 37 per cent of the durum and 21 per cent of the spring wheat and canola have now been seeded.” (May 9-15, 2017, Saskatchewan Crop Report).

Weather Permitting?

Saskatchewan Crop Report

While I’m sure many of you can relate to this image right now, moisture levels in the south remain low. Producers in the south are hoping for the rain to move their way to help germinate some of what they’ve managed to get into the ground!

Warm and dry weather is what most need around the province. Heavy rainfall and water-logged fields are still keeping equipment out of many areas. “The Mayfair area reported receiving 47 mm of rain, the greatest amount of precipitation in the province.” (May 9-15, 2017, Saskatchewan Crop Report).

Saskatchewan Crop Report

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