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Farmers Helping to Reduce Food Waste

Farmers and Grocery Stores Team Up & Reduce Food Waste


Grocery stores and farmers are finding ways to give farm animals good food while reducing grocery store food waste. Food waste is an important issue across Canada. This program is helping to bring farmers and grocery stores together with great results!

Loop Resource works to pair grocery stores in Western Canada with local farmers to reduce food waste. Their slogan is “Rescue Food, Rescue the Planet”. We like the sound of that!


“In Saskatchewan, all six Save-On-Foods locations partner with Loop to supply unsaleable food to around 250 small family farms. The Saskatchewan stores have been at zero food waste for nearly a year because of the program.” Click here to read the full article about this program.

Innovation in farming has been happening in Saskatchewan for many generations now. This type of community project that brings together multiple groups to solve multiple problems is the way of the future!

Thank you to everyone at Loop Resource for all your dedication and hard work!

Click here to go directly to the Loop Resource website.

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