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James Cameron & Plant-Based Diets – Good News for Farmers!

Director James Cameron Promotes a Plant-Based Diet and Organic Farming in Saskatchewan

James Cameron

This is not your usual star spotting! James Cameron and his wife have been visiting Saskatchewan lately. They’re not here for the movie industry though! Instead, they are here to invest in organic agriculture and to promote a shift towards a more plant-based diet.

The Cameron’s are key investors in Verdient Foods which will be the largest organic pea protein facility in North America. They recently visited the facility in Vanscoy, just west of Saskatoon. They are also supporting a mentorship program aimed at engaging youth in organic farming. Even more of their investment dollars are going towards the Food Industry Development Centre.

Promoting plant-based diets and organic options has been a passion of James Cameron for many years, and is evident in his movie career as well. This investment in the Saskatchewan food industry will make a significant impact. He sees this as both a legacy, and the start of an even bigger vision for healthier people and a healthier planet.

Although Cameron grew up on a farm in Ontario, he said that the “soil, incentives, and business friendly atmosphere” inspired him to invest in Saskatchewan. He plans to be a part of the agriculture industry here for many years to come, and we’re very glad to have him!

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