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Great Veggies for Planting Late!

late veggie garden ideasAre you late in planting your garden this year?

If the long, wet winter has you behind in your garden planting, or you’ve saved a bit of space for a late second seeding, there’s still lots of time and lots of options!

The standard rule, as told by grandparents across the prairies, is to make sure you plant your garden by the May long weekend. This Victoria Day holiday is famous in Canada for big garden store sales and planting mania!

The gardening season in Saskatchewan goes by very quickly. Consequently, it can seem extremely important to get everything in the ground quickly. However, not to fear if you feel behind! There are lots of wonderful vegetables that can be planted from seed quite far into June and even July.

 Best Veggies to Plant Late

There are lots of great gardening resources on the internet. Here are 7 quick growing veggies you can plant now!

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has a great website where you can view a chart of your area to see the best times for planting a variety of vegetables. Click here to go the the site and see the page for Saskatoon. There is a place to select other cities, so you can choose your area to see their suggestions.

Click here for a great article listing growth times for a variety of garden vegetables. My favourites are the ones that can be harvested in just 30 days! Arugula is missing from this list, but is an absolute must for anyone who likes a quick crop of spicy greens!

If simple ideas and great photos is what sparks your interest, this link is great! 15 great vegetables for planting later in the season. Collards is my top pick from this list!

Have you got any great gardening tips or secrets you’d like to share? We’d love to hear from you, and we’ll post our favourites later in the year!