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Mixed Farmland For Sale near Alberta & US borders

16 Quarters of Mixed Farmland with Lots of Options!

This package consists of 16 quarters of mixed farmland. 12 grain quarters and 4 crown lease pasture quarters (see the red in the map below).

Thirteen quarters are in one contiguous block with another block of 3 quarters a few miles north.

Please view the colour coded map to get a clear understanding of the layout of the land.

mixed farmland

South 13 Quarters – (black and red squares on map)

These 13 grain quarters are in one continuous block. At the yard site there is a 1550 square foot house and a 46 x 98 Quonset (1996). This property comes with a workshop, barn and outbuildings in the yard, 7 hopper bins of varying sizes (1 fertilizer and 7 grain) and one flat bottom bin.

The 4 quarters shown in red above are on lease from the government. They all touch this block and a transfer to the Buyer is possible.

North 3 Quarters –  (blue 3 squares at top of map)

These 3 grain quarters are in one contiguous block. There is a bin site on this block of land that has 3 hopper bins of varying sizes.

Watch this drone video to see the whole property!

Property Details

MLS#: SK798180

Total Size of deeded acres (as per ISC): 1,918.36 acres

Cultivated Area of deeded acres (as per SAMA): 1,649 acres

Total Size on lease (as per ISC): 642.68 acres

Cultivated Area on lease (as per SAMA): 111 acres

Total Asking Price: $2,350,000

“The Rural Municipality of Reno No. 51 (2016 population: 379) is a rural municipality (RM) in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan … Located in the southwest corner of the province, it is adjacent to the United States border to the south and the Alberta boundary to the west.”

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