Ted in REM Magazine

By Toby Welch

Sometimes all it takes is one change to make a huge difference in your productivity and success. Brokers and sales reps share the one thing they are going to do different to ensure 2017 is an even better year than 2016.

“I will continue to work hard with vendors in establishing accurate listing prices. I feel that one of the hardest things within our job is determining not just the best possible price but a price that can be obtained in the shortest amount of time.” – James Lopushinsky, sales associate with Coldwell Banker Redwood Realty in Whitehorse

“The one thing I will be changing for my business in 2017 is to have more respect for the social media platforms. I have done brand-building activities on various social media platforms, but not by design and without consistency.  In 2017, I will have disciplined strategies and also a systematic approach to help build my brand, where I can track and measure the results and hopefully see a return on investment with the money and time spent. I don’t know if this strategy will work. What I do know is the traditional strategies aren’t working like they did once upon a time. And if I wish to grow my business I will need to adjust what I am currently doing to achieve my brand awareness in order to get that call/text/email opportunity.” – Rolf Hitzer, broker with Royal LePage Top Producers in Winnipeg

“Focus on goals, profit and growth.” – Melissa Wu, sales associate with Keller Williams Black Diamond Realty in Burnaby, B.C.

Marg Bowlen
Marg Bowlen

“Our brokerage has experienced an increase in agents in the past few years, over double since 2013. With most of these agents has come a wealth of experience and knowledge of the real estate industry in our province that spans many decades. It is priceless. The experience and knowledge they possess, they spontaneously started to share throughout our office and not just with our ‘newer to the industry’ agents but with everyone, even the ones who have been in the industry for over 20-30 years and may need an infusion of motivation. Seeing the positive results from these moments of sharing, we decided this will continue but will become a more structured in-office training for 2017. This training will include everything from complete listing/buyer presentations, understanding contracts, especially when they change, to understanding the language of real estate. We know the importance of how to effectively communicate with clients, prospective clients and the agent on the other side of the transaction to ensure quality closings… and sometimes we require some role-playing to get comfortable with that language and conversations. This training will be incorporated with an already open communication system between broker and agent as well. Growing so quickly, it would be easy to lose touch trying to keep up with daily brokerage responsibilities, and losing touch with my staff and agents. That is something we strive not ever to do. By increasing both of these areas and being aware of when complacency starts to settle in and then help motive us out of complacency, we cannot help but be more productive and more successful.” – Marg Bowlen, broker/owner of Century 21 Trident Realty in Dartmouth, N.S.

Mike Witt
Mike Witt

“2016 for me was a very successful year in real estate. However, real estate is always changing. So should the broker. More than ever, I would try to be more effective in my marketing strategy in 2017. As with all areas of marketing, optimization is key as trends and consumer preferences are always changing. I will also be updating my sphere of contacts (e-mails, social media) in order to be more productive and streamlined. I will be outlining my business plan to optimize my goals that I want to achieve in 2017. I will read, read, read (absorb what is going on with the latest trends and technologies as well as what other brokers are doing.) Spending time in late 2016 preparing for a busy 2017 will hopefully allow me to have a more successful and productive 2017 real estate year!” – Michael Witt, broker with Witt Realty in Montreal

“I am going to take full advantage of the Coldwell Banker CB EXCHANGE marketing platform. I am marketing to my local market and across Canada for referrals. More live streaming, boosting videos to Facebook, eCards and more. Always looking to exceed expectations to build my business.” – Della Fraser, owner and sales associate with Coldwell Banker Northern Bestsellers in Yellowknife

“The addition of support staff and new technology will enable me to increase customer service in 2017. Two full-time assistants and an in-house drone operator/videographer allow me to focus my energy on building relationships while continuing to provide leading edge products and services to my buyers and sellers.” – Ted Cawkwell, agriculture specialist agent with Re/Max Saskatoon in Saskatoon

Here are some other changes that sales reps and brokers told us they plan to implement:
  • I am going to follow up on every home showing to get feedback.
  • Every client is going to be made to feel like their buying or selling transaction is the most important thing in my life.
  • I will work hard to make a sense of community with other agents that I work with.
  • Instead of bobbing along without a real destination in mind, I am going to make a plan. A concrete plan.
  • I’ve resisted it until now but 2017 is going to be the year that I embrace technology. I keep hearing it can help me in business and I haven’t given it a fair shot.
  • My negotiation skills aren’t as good as they could be. I am going to change that.

Before you get too far into 2017, ponder what one change you can make that will have the greatest impact on your real estate career.