Who is Buying Saskatchewan Farmland Now?

Who is buying Saskatchewan farmland now?

Depending on which side of the coffee shop you’re sitting on right now, you might hear a different answer!

If your first thought is that foreigner investors are causing prices to skyrocket – most analysts agree that is “not likely”.  Most investment seems to be coming from Canadian companies and Canadian residents. Real Estate professionals as well as Ag Economists seem to agree that most farmland purchasing is happening from farmer to farmer. Sometimes it’s happening so quickly that neighbours don’t even know a property was for sale!

High Profile Investors

There have been a few high profile investors who have put their money into Saskatchewan farmland recently. “High-profile individual purchasers now include investor Brett Wilson; the Aquilini family, who own the Vancouver Canucks; and Lulu Lemon founder Chip Wilson” reported Karen Briere for the Western Producer.


Although farmland prices have drastically risen in the last 10-15 years, prices appear to be stabilizing now. While the argument against out of province investors remains popular in some corners of the coffee shop, many Canadian investors and farmers from provinces like BC, Ontario, and even Alberta and Quebec, are now finding the price of land in Saskatchewan very affordable and enticing!

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