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Attention Investors 4% Return!

Attention Investors 4% Return!

949.87 total acres

These six quarters of grain land are located in the RM of Round Hill #467. The land is close together making it easily farmable by one farmer.

There is a strong rental agreement in place that makes this farm a great one for investors! The rental agreement is in place until March 31, 2026. The annual rent is $78,995 plus GST with 50% payment by April 1st and 50% payment by October 1st. The tenant does not have a ROFR.

There is good all season access to the land.

The soil type, topography, and stone rating vary somewhat but SAMA rates most of the land as follows: The soil is a mix of light loam and sandy loam, the topography is level/nearly level to gentle slopes, and a stone rating of none to few to slight.

*Tenant has confirmed total 854 cultivated acres. Quarters are not farmed individually therefore we are unable to determine # of cultivated acres/quarter.

949.87 Total Acres (ISC), 854 Cultivated Acres (Tenant), 36 Native Grass Acres (SAMA), 90 Wetland/Bush Acres (SAMA), 1,152,100 Farmland Only Assessed Value (SAMA), 2,053 Per Total Acre (ISC), 2,283 Per Cultivated Acre (Tenant), 1.7 times the Assessed Value, Crop Insurance Soil rating is G to J.
Attention Investors 4% Return!

Property Details

MLS: SK915467

Area: RM of Round Hill #467

Type of Farm: Grain

Total Size: 949.87 acres (as per ISC)

Total Asking Price: $1,950,000

Check out the drone video below to access amazing footage of the entire property at a bird’s eye view!

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