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Hot, Dry Weather Continues Across Province – Sask Crop Report

Mostly Dry Conditions Across the Province

dry hayHaying is nearly complete and farmers are checking crops, and consequently preparing for harvest. While most of the hay crop is looking good, there have been some problems for others with heat.

While some areas are receiving small amounts of rainfall, most areas across the province remain dry. Some crops are experiencing damage from the heat. Other damage is resulting from flooding, hail, and some insect problems. The most commonly reported insects right now are grasshoppers, diamondback moths and aphids.

“Across the province, topsoil moisture on cropland is rated as five per cent surplus, 35 per cent adequate, 38 per cent short and 22 per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as four per cent surplus, 29 per cent adequate, 34 per cent short and 33 per cent very short. Continued hot weather and lack of moisture in many southern and central areas have further depleted topsoil moisture and damaged crops. Significant rainfall is needed in most regions of the province to help replenish the topsoil and fill out crops.”  (Saskatchewan Crop Report for July 18-24, 2017)

The Saskatchewan’s Farm and Ranch Water Infrastructure Program assists farmers and ranchers in developing sustainable water supplies for agricultural use. Due to this dry weather, the application deadline is now September 30, rather than August 1.

Saskatchewan Crop Report

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