Farmland Investing in Saskatchewan

Have you thought of investing in Saskatchewan Farmland?

Investing in real estate is not a new trend by any means. The idea that you can purchase a property and generate income seems like a pretty good idea.

Most people who think of real estate investing think of rental homes, condos or commercial properties. But, we are here to say farmland can also be a great investment!

saskatchewan farmlandWhat about Farmland? What is it good for?


The world population being expected to increase to 9.6 billion by 2050. If you think about it that’s about 2.2 billion more mouths to feed if our current global population of 7,496,859,801 is correct. 

Farmland is a vital commodity. As the world becomes more crowded the value of productive land will only increase. Currently, the amount of farmland in Canada is somewhat limited. Farmland is being lost to development every year. Whatever land does survive development will increase in value.

Where is the Value?

A farm is a fixed asset that will hold its value. As populations grow and productive farmland becomes scarcer around the world, Canadian farmland will only become more desirable and valuable. Thanks to better farming practices and improvements in technology and equipment farming has become not only easier but it also increased production capability.

Saskatchewan is, in fact, the largest Agrifood exporter in Canada!  Did you know all that mustard seed in your Dijon mustard likely came from Saskatchewan? That’s pretty cool!