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Final Saskatchewan Crop Report for 2018

Final Crop Report for the 2018 Season

As harvest wraps up for 2018, most farmers are nearing completion. Weather has been cool and wet, consequently harvest is behind the 5 year average. As of October 15th, 82%  of the crops were in the bins. The 5 year average (2013-2017) for this same time of year is 91%. However, as the weather cooperates, more farmers are back in the fields getting the final crop in before the big winter snow flies!


Harvest remains most advanced in the southwest, where 90 per cent of the crop is now off. In the southeast, 89 per cent is complete. “Producers in the northeastern region have 79 per cent of the crop combined; the west-central region has 74 per cent and the east-central region 68 per cent. Producers in the northwestern region have been delayed by frequent snowfalls but now have 45 per cent combined.”

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