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Getting the Most out of a Farmland Sale

Make sure you are Getting the Most out of your Farmland Sale!

getting the most

Ted is highly involved and knows the farmland market! Are you getting the most out of your farmland sale? Ted had this to say in a recent interview!

“Standing back at a distance, it looks like this is the time to sell. The market is still rising, but plateauing. However, it is an individual decision and different for everyone.

Some analysts say it is still rising. Others, about half, feel it is headed for a major correction.…But you need to keep in mind that those opinions are largely regional, and recent crops and weather patterns are important to how optimistic both sellers and buyers are feeling … and how much local competition there is for land.…

It’s always better to sell after a good year locally.

Do you plan to travel a great deal? Buy some property to retire on? Pass on a financial legacy for your children? It is best to consider what you will do once the farm is sold, before you sell it.

Once the decision to sell is made, farmers should then consider their personal timing and get some good advice from an accountant. Those capital gains can be a real issue. You want to get the best value from the land you can, and that is more than just the selling price.”

Click here to see the full article with more details from the interview.

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At the Cawkwell Group, we market land to our database of more than 2,000 potential buyers, overseas and regionally. We are your experts in the field! Contact Ted to get a valuation on your current land or to invest in some farmland today. Call 1-306-327-7661 or email ted@cawkwellgroup.com.

getting the most