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Happy New Year from the Cawkwell Group!

Happy New Year from the Cawkwell Group!


The 2022 year opens up with very few farmland listings, record-high grain prices and record low-interest rates! This all equates to a very strong “sellers’ market”! If you are thinking of selling there has never been a better time to sell. When grain prices come down, interest rates go up, or we get another tough weather year the market will start to switch back in favor of the Buyers. For now the Sellers “hold all of the cards”. If you are thinking of selling I would love to talk to you about our world-class marketing program and history of results for our Sellers.

If you are thinking of buying the market place is a tough one right now as there is very little farmland inventory to choose from. We have a few unique methods for finding land that is not listed for sale to help ensure our Buyers are able to purchase land that suits their needs. In 2021 we helped our Buyers purchase over $9,300,000 worth of farmland that was not listed for sale. Call us today to hear about how we can support your farmland purchases.

Below is an article that I was recently interviewed for that speaks about farmland values. It is an interesting read.

Prairie price drop? | The Western Producer

See below for a couple of short videos about selling farmland

Cawkwell Group- Seller’s Market (2022) – YouTube

Cawkwell Group- Selling Family Farm (2022) – YouTube

We are wishing you all health, happiness and prosperity in 2022!

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