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History Preserved in a Home!

The History of Grain Elevators Preserved in a Unique Home

Grain elevators are are slowly disappearing. They are becoming a passing symbol of the prairies. One man is showing his love for these old structures and preserving their history in his home!

Doug Ward is a woodworker from Southern Alberta. He has combined his woodworking skill with his passion for history and preserving these old beauties. The result is a truly one of a kind home.

“Doug Ward has now rescued 26 elevators’ worth of timber from the scrap heap, turning it into everything from benches and tables to his personal 5,000-square-foot home.” Roughly half of the home uses wood from the grain elevator from Vulcan, Alta. The rest come from other grain elevators from across the province.

This story was covered by CBC Calgary and you can see the full story here. Make sure to watch the amazing video of the home!


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