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Newsletter: Cawkwell Group Team Building & Training Day

Cawkwell Group Team Building & Training Day

Cawkwell Group Team Building & Training Day

Cawkwell Group Team Building & Training Day

To better ourselves so that we can provide the very best service for you we set aside a few days a year for team training and learning. In the past, we have flown in world-class facilitators, worked with various coaches, and we always make time for something fun. (ax throwing, go-carts, mini golf, and bowling are some of the fun activities we have done in the past) Teams that play together are teams that stay together!

Earlier this week we had a fall meeting and the team had requested a crop tour of my farm. We spent the day looking at the various crops, walking in the fields, and watching the combines finish up a field of our oats. They had so many great questions and they learned a lot about farming! The next time you are talking to the team about anything farm-related they have a newfound perspective on that.

Saskatchewan Crop Report September 5-11

Harvest has progressed nicely this past week with 68 per cent of this year’s crop now in the bin. This is up from 51 per cent last week, ahead of the five-year average (2018-2022) of 52 per cent and the 10-year average (2013-2022) of 48 per cent.

Combines continue to roll across the province with the end of harvest in sight for many producers. The southwest is near completion at 93 per cent. The west-central is not far behind at 78 per cent complete. The east-central and northeast are now past the halfway point, with 54 per cent and 55 per cent complete respectively. The northwest continues to make great progress at 39 per cent complete.

Click on the link below for this weeks Crop Report:
Saskatchewan Crop Report September 5-11, 2023


Cawkwell Group Team Building and Training Day


Ted is always happy to meet new people and to explore new opportunities. He is your expert in the field!

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