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RE/MAX Hustle Podcast Featuring Ted!

Episode 3 of the RE/MAX Hustle Podcast is now live!

Today’s episode of the RE/MAX Hustle Podcast features Ted! The Cawkwell Group is honoured to participate and we look forward to more podcasts in the future!

RE/MAX Hustle Podcast

Podcast Overview

Ted Cawkwell began working early in life on a family grain farm near Nut Mountain, Saskatchewan. From owning a grain operation at age 23 to building one of the world’s most remote and luxurious fly-in fishing resorts, Ted has had a diverse and layered career. Ted has quickly risen to diamond club status. He is one of our top commercial agents in Western Canada.

The podcast is available for download wherever you get your podcasts from (Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, etc.).

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RE/MAX Hustle Podcast

For More Information

Always feel free to contact Ted to learn more about investing in Saskatchewan farmland. Whether you are buying or selling farmland, we are your experts in the field! Call 1-306-327-7661 or email ted@cawkwellgroup.com.

RE/MAX Hustle Podcast