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Saskatchewan Crop Report – Harvest 2017

Saskatchewan Crop Report for October 3-9, 2017

The latest crop report shows that harvest progress remains ahead of the five-year average this year. At the beginning of October, the overall harvest was nearly complete with 89% of the crop in the bin, and now we’re surpassing 94%.

sask crop report

  • 99% combining complete in southwestern Saskatchewan
  • 97% in southeastern and west-central Saskatchewan
  • 92% in east-central and northeastern Saskatchewan
  • 87% in northwestern Saskatchewan

Warm, dry weather at the right time continues to help many farmers along! Many producers have wrapped up harvest already. Many more will be complete within the next week – weather permitting, as always!

Some crops have damage due to frost or wildlife, such as deer or geese. Other areas have seen some of the most recent crops coming off tough and being placed in aeration bins.

Extra Caution from SaskPower

“SaskPower received three reports last week of farm machinery coming in contact with electrical equipment. This brings the total since the beginning of September to 34. Producers are urged to be especially careful when using equipment around power lines. Safety information is available at www.saskpower.com/safety.”

For More Information

To see more details and download the complete Saskatchewan Crop Report, click here.