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Spring is Almost Here…Almost!

Spring on the Prairies

springSpring is almost here… well … technically! Depending on where you are it may or may not feel very much like winter is ready to pass.

Seed catalogues are out and stores are starting to line the shelves with garden gear. Temperatures are starting to rise and each day the sun and soil feel a bit warmer than the day before. If you’ve got a greenhouse or good sunlight inside, it’s almost time to start planting seeds indoors for the garden.

Tiny seedlings and bulbs are starting to sprout just below the snow and soil surface. Sometimes green shoots pop out surprisingly early, as if to bravely defy the last bits of winter. Some people are like this too! It’s the time of year when a random day of plus 5 degrees will result in bulbs peeking out and people brazenly wearing t-shirts and no jackets. “It’s fine – it’s warm!”

The animals are stirring, and people and animals alike are coming home from journeys south for the winter!

What are some of the signs of Spring in your area?

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