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Top 100 RE/MAX Agents in Canada

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Ted thanks his team and clients for helping him to meet, and exceed his goals to stay in the top 100 RE/MAX Agents list! He is grateful to get to connect with such great people and communities.

Ted consistently ranks among the highest performing RE/MAX agents around the world. He is always listed as one of Canada’s best.

Right now Ted ranks as the #14 top performing RE/MAX Agent for all of Canada!

There are only 4 other Saskatchewan agents in this top 100 category right now! Ted is proud to work amongst such great colleagues.

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Ted is always happy to meet new people and to explore new opportunities. He is your expert in the field!

Feel free to call 1-306-986-7255 or email ted@cawkwellgroup.com to congratulate him today.

Visit the website at www.cawkwellgroup.com. View current listings and to stay up to date with the latest farm news and farmland investment opportunities around Saskatchewan.

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